Inclusive Education

At Empower, we believe that the inclusion revolution begins with our youngest population: students. Inclusive schools grow into inclusive communities and inclusive classrooms create more than just academic learning for all: they are the perfect environment for all students to develop meaningful friendships and learn problem solving strategies in real-time. We have many tools in our toolkit to create an inclusive school career for your students. The services we provide are tailored to the school or individual consulting with us but can include a variety of supports including: person-centered planning, academic consulting, and school-wide coaching.

Person-centered planning

We use the person-centered planning process: Planning for Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH) as a tool to synthesize an IEP team’s many diverse perspectives into a unified vision. Through the PATH process, a process facilitator works with the individual and team to identify dreams, hopes, and visions of the individual. Next, positive and possible goals and steps are developed. During the process, a graphic facilitator creates a unique and colorful visual representation of the individual and team’s vision. Through the PATH process, we break down barriers and remind everyone on the team why they are a part of the team: for the individual.

Academic consulting

Not only do we believe that everyone should have access to general education… It’s the law! At Empower, we believe that everyone can learn when given the right supports. Our consultants have a background as special education teachers with experience in tailoring general education curriculum of all age groups to a variety of learners. We will work with both the general education and special education teams to create a modified curriculum that meets the needs and interests of the student.

School Wide Training and Coaching

Inclusion isn’t a school program, it’s a mindset! Empower will work with your school district to develop training sessions to meet you where you are in your journey to inclusion. This can include: professional development on the benefits of inclusion, paraprofessional training for supporting inclusive classrooms, and training in creating inclusive environments and curriculum