Alex Oladoyin

Alex is the owner of Empower. She can support your client, child, friend, or team in the following ways:

  • Customized employment and the discovery process
  • Job coaching
  • Employment exploration
  • Support with the job search process (resume development, application, interview)
  • Pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS)
  • Person-centered planning (PATHs!)

Inclusive Employment

Inclusive employment is Alex’s biggest passion – she firmly believes employment is a human right, and she wants to help any person with a disability who has a desire to work find the job that is right for them. Alex’s main goal is to foster the development of inclusive communities, with a focus on advising employers on how to create inclusive, naturally supportive workplaces as well as helping match students with jobs where they can learn, grow, and add value to a business. Inclusive employment is not about getting a person with a disability any job anywhere – the job search process must be tailored to each client so every opportunity is meaningful and allows clients to become genuine members of their teams.

In a truly inclusive workplace, ALL people contribute in a way that is tailored to their strengths, build relationships with peers who respect them, and have an infrastructure of natural supports to rely on when they need help or have a question.

Alex has experience developing and utilizing independence plans to promote client autonomy as well as job coach-workplace collaboration as the client grows into their role.

Inclusive Education

Alex understands the value of inclusive education from her six years as a special education teacher. Kids in inclusive schools grow up to be inclusive adults, it is that simple. Alex’s main education-related role presently is to provide pre-employment transition services throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area. She understands the value of incorporating real-life job experiences and employment skills into the high school and transition curricula, especially in classrooms where students are typically isolated from the rest of the student population. When Alex was a teacher in a transition program, her 18-21 year old students did not have same aged peers without disabilities in the school environment, so she considered the community her general education classroom and accessed it as much as possible. Alex believes inclusion should always be a priority in schools, no matter the age of the students.


Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota (in progress)

M.S. in Education, Johns Hopkins University School of Education

B.A. in Biology, Oberlin College

My employment fun fact…

“I was so shy in high school that I failed public speaking and had to take it individually with the principal. Fast forward a few years to college when I had an internship teaching comprehensive sex education at local high schools through a teen clinic in the Metro area. That position forced me to get over my fears really quickly, and now I love speaking in front of people! The teen clinic internship gave me skills which shaped the path of my entire career”

About Alex:

In her free time, Alex enjoys spending time with her family, reading historical fiction, baking bread, doing home improvement projects, and gardening – both veggies and flowers!