Empower Inclusion focuses on all phases of the employment process, ranging from exploring potential careers to providing job coaching for an existing position. We strive to tailor our practices to be as individualized as the clients we serve. Our services fall under four main categories:

Customized Employment

In-depth interviews and observations leading to a visual resume, personalized job search, informational interviews, and a customized, paid employment opportunity

Pre-employment Transition Services

Job exploration counseling, post-secondary education counseling, workplace readiness training, self-advocacy instruction, and work-based learning. These are also known as pre-ETS services

Job Placement & Coaching

Tiered levels of support depending on client preferences. Can include support with job applications, interviewing, and/or on-the-job coaching (check-ins, one-on-one, or anywhere in between)

benefits services

Benefits analysis and coaching to help clients understand how their benefits and earnings work together or to examine how future earnings would impact current benefits.

Empower Inclusion provides services through Vocational Rehabilitation Services, county waiver funding, and private pay. Click here to learn more.

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