Pre-Employment Transition Services

Pre-Employment Transition Services are also known as Pre-ETS. These services can be provided virtually or in person, and all are easily customized based on client strengths and interests.

Post-Secondary Education Counseling

Explore client options for post-secondary education, help client align career and educational goals, facilitate access to disability services and accommodations

Examples: research recommended education for desired career path, connect client with office of disability services

Job Exploration Counseling

Utilize client’s strengths and interests to identify compatible career paths, compare interests with current job market needs, research position types within specific career paths

Examples: career interest inventories and research

Workplace Readiness Training

Provide work-related social, independent living, and functional skills instruction; support clients in gaining resume, job application, interview, and job acceptance-related skills

Examples: mock interview session with feedback, resume workshop, financial literacy instruction, role playing

Work-Based Learning

Facilitate career mentorship experiences, informational interviews, job shadowing, service learning opportunities, and workplace tours based on client strengths and interests

Examples: arrange job shadowing opportunities at client’s places of interest, set up informational interviews at priority businesses for client, facilitate service learning opportunities

Self-Advocacy Instruction

Empower clients to advocate for their disability-related needs with respect to their rights, accommodations, and assistive technology. Assist clients with accessing mentoring and leadership activities which promote self-advocacy

Examples: assist clients with arranging peer mentoring, educate clients regarding self-advocacy, accommodations, and assistive technology

Work Experience Services

Work with client to set up a short term work experience in an area of their interest – wages can be paid by the employer or by Empower Inclusion

Examples: set up a 4-6 week paid internship at a local retail store and provide job coaching as needed

Not Sure What You Need?

We are knowledgeable and flexible – let us know the population and general topic and we can develop lessons or materials as needed. Many of our consultants are educators with experience in both curriculum development and job-related supports, so we can work together to create materials to match each population.