Job Coaching

For Empower, job coaching begins with the development of an independence plan. Before the first day of work, the team sits down to envision what independence looks like for the client at that job, then we outline the necessary supports, job coaching interventions, and benchmark goals which will help the client achieve independence at work. By entering into a partnership with independence in mind from day one, at Empower we focus on what we consider to be the true meaning of job coaching – working ourselves out of a job! By sharing the independence plan with all members of the team, including the client’s supervisor, we can all work toward the same goal.

Once job coaching begins, we provide continued support for the employee to master all aspects of the job which require job coach support. This also includes providing training for the business in creating a long term plan for the employee, such as by discussing natural peer-supports, scheduling, and accommodations that create a successful work environment for the employee.

After a 90 day process, we re-assess as a team to determine if additional job coaching is needed and, if so, in what areas it is needed. We understand that some individuals may need more or less time, and we work to tailor this process to the job seeker and employer’s needs. Job coaching is meant to fade over time, as the employee masters their job independently and the employer develops an inclusive work environment… but don’t worry – we won’t leave you hanging! Empower will always be a call or email away to consult. Although job coaching is temporary, our relationship with the employer and employee is lifelong!