Benefits Services

At Empower Inclusion, we believe that information is one of the most empowering tools we have! Understanding benefits is an important part of considering employment and independent living. We offer benefits analysis and benefits coaching services to give clients access to information about their benefits in a way that makes sense. We want to help our clients answer questions like…

  • What benefits do I already have?
  • How much money do I get from benefits each month?
  • Are there benefits I could be getting that I don’t have access to?
  • How will my benefits change if I get a job?

Many of our clients work hard to qualify for benefits, including medical assistance or Social Security, and they are worried that a job may cause them to lose those benefits. We help clients and their families make informed decisions about employment by exploring how their benefits will change depending on different earnings scenarios.

We can provide benefits services in English, Spanish, or a combination of the two.

Benefits Analysis

A benefits analysis is an in-depth study of all benefits a person receives plus hypothetical employment scenarios to forecast how existing benefits would be impacted by a change in earnings. The process starts includes:

  1. Intake: A team meeting where we gather information about current benefits, employment goals, and priorities
  2. Information gathering: We request official benefit reports from the Social Security Administration, the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and any other relevant agencies.
  3. Analysis of work scenarios: After we receive the reports, we plug those numbers into software that lets us view hypothetical earnings scenarios based on our client’s goals.
  4. Sharing information: We then put all the benefit information, scenarios, and recommendations into a benefits report that we discuss in a meeting with the client and their team.

Benefits Coaching

Benefits coaching is an hourly service where we help clients get answers to important benefits questions – this may include following up after a benefits analysis or support with one-time issues, such as reaching out to the Social Security Administration about a recent letter. We work with our clients to understand what their needs are, then we help them get their questions answered. The benefits system can be challenging to navigate alone, and we are here to help.

Clients can utilize funding from Vocational Rehabilitation Services or their waiver to access our benefits services.