Our Team

At Empower, we have a strong team of professionals who make workplace inclusion a priority. Take a look at each bio to learn more!

Owner, Director of Inclusive Employment


Alex is passionate about eliminating the employment disparity between people with and without disabilities by helping her clients find customized jobs in their interest areas. She also believes employer training and workplace consultation are essential parts of developing an inclusive work environment. Alex loves when she can go back to visit her clients at work and see them working successfully as part of a team!

Inclusive Employment Manager


Paul is a licensed educator with professional experience in providing individualized skill development for learners of all ages. He specializes in providing inclusive and individualized supports through employment exploration, job placement, and job coaching.

Operations Manager


Originally trained as a Biomedical Engineer, Carey has professional experience in business, medical devices, and customer care. With a switch to Empower Inclusion, she seeks to transition to a career that centers on helping people in another way. Specifically, Carey focuses on the strategic and administrative facets of Empower Inclusion, striving to provide clients with a comprehensive, professional experience. In her free time, Carey enjoys hiking, doing yoga, and shopping for her English bulldog Daisy. 

Job Exploration Counselor and Job coach


Hello! My name is Alexa Hieb and I am so excited to join the Empower Inclusion team, as a job coach! I graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato in spring of 2020, with a Bachelors in Sociology and a minor in human resource management.

In my free time, I enjoy dancing, being outdoors, and spending time with my friends and family. I have experience working with individuals with disabilities and would love to have a long-term career in this field. With my love for working with people from all backgrounds, I am looking forward to gaining additional experience working with clients to help each and every one of them achieve personal satisfaction and success. 

Job Exploration Counselor and Job coach


Hello! My Name is Kayla Taylor and I am a job exploration counselor and job coach. I graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a Bachelors in Child Development and Family Studies and a Minor in Gender Women Studies. Most of my experience is with the younger demographics, but I am very excited to work with individuals of all ages!

During my free time you can find me outdoors, whether that’s spending the day on the lake or skiing down a mountain. I also recently just took up painting and drawing, which has been very fun and challenging.  I am so excited to be a part of this incredible team and program.  

Job Exploration Counselor and Office Assistant


Hello everyone, my name is Paola Wiechmann, I am so excited to be part of the Empower Inclusion team. I graduated from Aviation School in 2007 as a Flight Attendant. I was born in Bogota, Colombia, but now I am living in Minnesota. I speak Spanish.

I enjoy be outdoors and take walks with my husband and my dog. I am so happy to join this team and looking forward to gaining additional experience and helping people to be successful and confident.

Job Exploration Counselor and Job coach


Owen is dedicated to supporting organizations that are making the world better. Owen received a Master of Public Policy from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and earned a bachelor’s degree in cultural Anthropology from Reed College in Portland, OR. He has conducted research, planning, direct service, and program management with InsightFormation Inc., JEC Miller Inc., Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC), and All Parks Alliance for Change (APAC). He also previously worked in legal support as a case manager and paralegal.

Owen enjoys helping individuals of all abilities succeed and attain their highest goals. When working, Owen plays the drums, practices Tai Chi, makes pottery, and reads.

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